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Susan Roces off to GMA7 and on Network War


Susan Roces will soon be seen by viewers on GMA7 as a Kapuso star on its Christmas movie sequel “Sana Ngayong Pasko”

Some Kapamilya reacted to the news saying that Susan Roces jumped ship after being a Kapamilya of ABS-CBN.  Pressed for reaction, Mrs. Roces said, “I’m a freelancer.  [I am] very thankful for the warm welcome I got from GMA7.

She also clarified the issue of a network war fueled by Claudine Baretto’s joining GMA7, sharing her thought that she had been on showbizness for a very long time now, even before the network war between GMA and ABS-CBN existed.

network wars

I remembered Mrs. Roces being interviewed by Ms. Karen Davila (an ABS-CBN reporter) during the wake of her husband Fernando Poe Jr. On that interview, Roces poured out all her sentiments against ABS-CBN for being so biased on its reporting about her husband who was also running for president against Gloria Arroyo.  Davila caught off-guarded did not really know how to respond and cried, apologizing to Mrs. Roces.

Network wars is I think not really for the benefit of the public, but is for supremacy of TV stations in order to lure more advertisers to bankroll more money into their programs.

Both ABS-CBN and GMA are claiming to be number 1 with no one wanting to be on the second spot.  Guess who wants to claim the second spot?  ABC5 reacting, “Well, no one is on the second spot as the two network giants are saying they are both number 1.  We’ll take second place.”

Am I Kapuso or a Kapamilya?  It all depends on during what time of the day I am in front of the television.

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