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Who is the Person Behind Bro's Character? It is Love Thadani!


May Bukas Pa is I guess one of the longest-running primetime TV show on ABS-CBN, with the character of a little Santino enthralling all viewers every night together with Bro or Jesus.

For the longest time around, many have been wondering who is this Bro?  Who acts for this character.

Well, no one now is going to keep guessing.  See Bro on this pic with Santino or actor Zaijan Jaranilla:


The elusive Bro now has a face and hot body.  This guy is no other than model Love Thadani with Indian and Italian blood running on his veins.

Undeniably, bro is hot and sizzling on his white soutane.  Well, Bro, or Love Thadani is not new in showbizness as he has been a cast on an indie film “Condo”.  And was rumored to have been the boyfriend of Chix Alcala of PBB.

But I think that another person is doing the voice over for Bro and it is not Love doing it too.


With Love as Bro, I think many more people (especially women) would want to go to him more and more often. *wink*

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  1. jan_geronimo says:

    Tacky name, great body. Does he know Filipino? Perhaps he can hold great conversation? Never mind. With pants about to fall off, how can anyone hold a sane conversation with this guy? Certainly not me.


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