Maui Taylor Sexy Scandal Videos, Photos and Pictures – Says they are Fake


Maui Taylor Sexy Scandal Videos, Photos and PicturesThe sexy star Maui Taylor has carved a name for her during her first stint on the making of sexy and titillating movies in the Philippines.  But since then, her career has waned down as the appetite and market for these kinds of movies has also steeply went spiraling down because of the efforts of government agencies against these kinds of cinematic work.

But Maui Taylor had her own share of scandals through videos, photos and pictures that has also circulated the internet and even shut down one site that has distributed it on its web content pages.

One particular Maui Taylor scandal photos and videos were posted on a web site with her showing the whole of her female anatomy.  But when sought for comments, Maui Taylor dismissed the pictures and opined that they were just doctored and manufactured from someone else’s body to look like her.

But those who saw the scandalous online pictures still believe that it was indeed Maui Taylor.

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