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"ShowTime" Suspended for 20 days by the MTRCB due to Osang's Negative Remarks against Teachers


rosanna rocesThe talent-search “ShowTime” was immediately given a 20-day suspension by the MTRCB because of the negative remarks by Rosanna Roces as one of its judges during one episode. On the said episode, sexy star Roces uttered negative remarks against teachers in response to a question she threw at a contestant from Calamba, Laguna about Jose Rizal’s real name.

Watch the video of the purported “ShowTime” episode:

Rosanna Roces was immediately suspended by ABS-CBN from being one of the judges on the show the day after the incident.

With the 20-day suspension, ABS-CBN is said to raise the decision of MTRCB to a proper court, for not giving the network and the staff of the talent show due process to defend themselves. The hosts and staff of the show felt that the decision of the MTRCB was done in haste and felt sad that they were slapped with such a decision.

With the suspension effective immediately, upon receipt of the network, ABS-CBN is said to put in a temporary program while they are still appealing their case.

I think, ABS-CBN has a case, as they obviously responded with responsible actions against of Rosanna Roces, and second, they deserve to be given due process as to the handling of the issue.

What do you think of the decision of MTRCB to slap the show with a 20-day suspension without even putting a hearing or giving the network the opportunity to respond? Kindly share your comments.

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  1. alyssa says:

    this is not sooo ethical!!!it’s so not good to suspend the show…nde nmn ksalanan ng show un ehhh..dpat c osang lng ang isuspende!!d nmn cguro tama u!!bakit buh..when joey de leon told that pokwang was aswang ano buh ang gnawa ng mtrcb?ano ba nmn!!!

    • elmot says:

      Hi Alyssa!

      I agree, this is quite harsh for MTRCB though the staff of “ShowTime” had already done their part on removing Rosanna Roces on the show and issuing a public apology on the said incident.

      I myself have no idea why so drastic on making their decision while in the past, communications were sent first and then some dialogues are being made between parties.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Rossana "Osang" Roces Negative Remarks against Teachers Video =-.

  2. plankton1988 says:

    If there is SUSPENSION.. it should not be given to the PROGRAM but to Rosana Roces itself… MTRCB napaka KSP… May alliance sa GMA 7… I am a licensed teacher at totoo, na offend ako sa sinabi ni Ms. Roces pero hindi naman ata dapat na ang programa ang mag suffer… kung may dapat na e-banned.. si Ms. Roces yon at hindi ang programa.. Sampu ng aking mga co-teachers dito sa dAvao ay hindi aprobado sa hakbangin na ginawa ng MTRCB…

    • elmot says:

      Thanks for the comment Plankton! :D

      May alliance with GMA7? Hmmm, that could be a real interesting twist to this incident.

      I am a teacher too, and I have watched that episode, and with due respect to the show, they really had done their part to apologize and remove Osang from the show. Maybe a letter of concern from MTRCB for the incident not to happen again is already enough.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Any Idea How Much Manny Villar has Already Spent on his Campaign? =-.

  3. I don’t know about the tone of the show or the exact comment she made, so it’s difficult for me to formulate an educated response to this situation. However, why should I let that stop me now? ;-)

    I love teachers. Anyone who has a problem with them is a big, fat jerk. That said, as much as I adore teachers and have had some wonderful, life-changing ones, there are some lazy ones out there as well. But that’s not the point. The point is what amount of leverage the judges have on this show to state their personal opinions, and hopefully not piss off the sponsors.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..We’re in Texas! Finally! =-.

    • elmot says:

      Hi Heather!

      Well, this judge of a talent show remarked about students not believing to their teachers as teachers are just a bunch of unintelligent recorders: just saying what have been taught to them without even trying to verify what they teach.

      Well, these negative remarks came from the judge’s bad experience with her teachers before, and so made a sweeping generalization on the show. Bad.

      I agree, judges have also to understand that they do not have the full authority to say anything just because the fate of the contestants lies on their hands.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Charles Barkley Imitates Alicia Keys, Wears Wig =-.

  4. joey de leon says:

    this is in general…comapre to me..who is osang…no breeding..suso at katawan lang puhunan..baka pareho kau???magisip ka rin

    • elmot says:

      ahahhaha! Hi Joey de Leon, and I am pretty sure you are not the “real” Joey de Leon :D

      That is her bread and butter, her as you say “suso at katawan”…before…gone were her glory days.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Our Cold Nights =-.

  5. Anthony says:

    Damn MTRCB! did kapuso gave them bunch of groceries to suspend the entire program without due process!!! When willie and joe de leon said something wrong, they are the only onebeing suspended, and now, why the whole program??!!! Buwagin na yang MTRB!!! Palamunin lng mga yan, tayo nagpapalamun jan tapos tinatanggal ang gusto nating panoorin!!!! Buwagin ang MTRCB!

    • elmot says:

      Cool ka lang Anthony, ehehhehe! Groceries? LOL!

      Tindi. Sa tingin ko lang, wala ngang due process, di ko lang alam kung dahil marami bang Spam na de lata? LOL!

      Oo nga e, over naman ang MTRCB. Example dyan: mga great films na indie movies winning everywhere like in Cannes ni Direk Mendoza, ni di natin mapanood dito sa Pinas dahil censored ng MTRCB…anak ng de lata nga naman oh!
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..RP Smart Gilas Team, Smart Gilas Players =-.

      • Anthony says:

        sorry bro, kakabwisit lng kc, the program you Love to watch, suddenly mawawala without proper due process … I will try to calm dawn… ehehehe

      • elmot says:

        I love watching that program too kapag walang pasok at nasa bahay lang…

        There is no big problem with me if the show was slapped with a suspension so long as the decision was done fairly and with due process. Unfortunately, in this case, wala…kaya rant mode uli, ehehhehe!
        .-= elmot´s last blog ..RP Smart Gilas Team, Smart Gilas Players =-.

  6. imladris says:

    I think teachers are doing a noble job- underpaid na nga, overworked pa. Tapos disciplinarian pa.

    That being said, Rosanna Roces has a point in saying that the youth should always raise questions about what is being taught to them. Nothing wrong with raising doubts about dogmas, especially religious dogmas. Expand the mind. Foster creativity.

    Si Rosanna kasi may pagka-taklesa ang dating kaya ganun na lang ang knee-jerk negative reaction ng tao. Next time, more finesse Osang!

    • elmot says:

      I am a teacher too Imaldris, and it is the most noble job I think though it is not the most financially rewarding job in the world.

      I agree, that we should also think for ourselves and not let spoon-feeding be our standard of learning from our teachers; we should also try to be critical.

      As has been said, Osang obviously has said her remarks in a very bad disrespectful and discriminating manner.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..RP Smart Gilas Team, Smart Gilas Players =-.

  7. MAY NAG TXT says:


  8. sheila says:


    May point si Osang. Some teachers are just repeaters, recorders, talking book, etc. Totoo naman eh. At tama din sya na hindi masamang magtanong. Kung hindi ka magtatanong, hindi mo malalaman na si Rizal ay nanalo nang lotto sa Dapitan kaya siya nakabili nang lupa dun. ^_^

    Sa context nang show, balahura naman talaga ang show. Si Vice Ganda nga ay mas personal at nakakainsulto pa ang mga comments pero tinitingnan natin cxa as nakakatawa kase bakla siya. So we don’t take her seriously (which is wrong kase tinitingnan lang natin sila as entertainers and not-to-be-taken-seriously-person.) And here comes osang, sexy star, walang pinag-aralan, walang breeding(?), and she made a comment about teachers. Nainsulto ang PRIDE nang iba kase “sino nga naman ba si osang”?

    But the point is, SHE HAS A POINT! Hindi dapat ito gawing issue. Oo, nainsulto ang ibang teachers… but it is a fact. So chill. The show should not be suspended and Osang should continue on being a judge. Face reality, some teachers are repeaters.

    • elmot says:

      Hi Sheila, thanks for the idea.

      I agree, that “there are some teachers” who are just talking recorders. But the remarks was done in bad taste. As they say, the end does not justify the means. Hindi naman lahat ng teachers ganun.

      What Osang did, was a sweeping generalization though she has a point.

      You have a point too, si Vice Ganda minsan medyo sobra at offending na rin ang comments nya sa mga contestants…The suspension and the Osang issue should I guess serve as a lesson sa mga staff ng “Showtime”.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Our Cold Nights =-.

  9. reigun says:

    ms. roces reaffirmed of her notoriety by this harsh and irresponsible remark. and such shame and embarrassment for her when vice ganda tried to “reverse” her statement with a disclaimer/apology to the people, especially the teachers.
    too bad the show had to suffer a very fatal decision from the mtrcb. im a fan of the show. hopefully things will be sorted out really soon.

    (i think mtrcb’s going a bit too far aka paranoid re:sanctions these past few months?)
    .-= reigun´s last blog ..mine’s white bacon =-.

  10. Nad says:

    The actions of the MTRCB (or the head of MTRCB, I think… I just dunno her name) were so unprofessional. ABS-CBN may be wrong in this case, but I think ABS-CBN has the right to defend for themselves if they were given enough time. MTRCB could have filed a case against Ms. Roces instead. I think aside from the reasons of MTRCB for such an act, an underlying emotional factor has affected the board. This factor somehow pushed them to make that decision so quick without even thinking of the other rules.

    Well, of course, the other loser network will just tag along (expect that, promise) with this case which is sooo unrelated to them. ABS-CBN is still the best, though. I just so hate the people in this other network. So unprofessional and crabby. Oops, it’s just my opinion, and I think both of these networks have received the worst comments…
    .-= Nad´s last blog ..????? ??? ????? ??????? XLIX =-.

  11. Wendy Lozano says:

    I think MTRCB is over reacting again. First offend should be given a reprimand letter or a personal dialogue to the people concerned. Infairness to ABSCBN they have done an appropriate action so I can’t understand why this MTRCB is to aggressive to give a suspension with out due process. That is not to justifiable!!

  12. STORM says:


  13. jelai says:

    its so frustrating…here in canada specially in our house, we love showtime so much, we even watch it twice a day…the action of MTRCB was so UNFAIR…..ano un? just to say that they are doing “something”..they should give the show due process…they didn’t even take into consideration ung mga ginawang measures ng shows to say sorry and besides si osang naman may kasalanan….hay nakau 20 days boring………..

  14. Antoinette says:

    We love the show and I think it’s unfair for MTRCB to suspend the entire show. Osang should be the only one who should be suspended. The show together with it’s host have been really good in making the show a worthwhile program to watch. And then all of a sudden, MTRCB will suspend it just because of stupid comments made by a guest judge? I think that is really unfair not only to the hosts but also to the contestants. Although I would say that sometimes Vice Ganda also make some comments that are offensive so he should watch out.

  15. Lyon says:

    My family and I here in Oxnard, California are avid fans of the show and we watched that episode where Rosanna Roces so bluntly diminished that noble profession of teachers. I was born and raised in the Philippines by a mother who spent 35 years working hard as a public school teacher in exchange of monthly paychecks that amounted to almost nothing at kahit mahirap she was able to send me and my siblings through college. I will never find a word to thank her for that.

    For a “has-been” to use a popular talent show for her own personal vendetta against teachers in general is completely SELFISH and utterly dispicable. The suspension of the show has obviously impacted the general public – the staff, the hosts, the televiewers and most of all our talented kababayans coming in from the farthest of the provinces of the country just with the bare minimum trying to carve a niche for themselves that may change their lives forever. All these circled down the drain because of one pugnacious virago who thinks that she’s the center of the universe of every show she appears in .

    That said, I have an appeal to the following:

    To Rosanna Roces – you’ve had your hallucinated heydays when the viewing public didn’t know any better than to marvel at your lumps. Do people a favor: Pick one isolated island somewhere (we have 7,100 of them) where you can probably consider a home schooling program so you may hone your social skills? Keep in mind, being frank is one thing but being rude is another. Hands down, you’re the latter! Marami kang patudsada at parinig sa mga kagalit mo. Come. On. Your tactics of scaring the wits out of people is so over. Ipagmakahiya mo naman mga anak mo tsaka apo mo. In the end, you’re still the loser.

    Sa mga contestants – everytime we watch you perform on TV, you relieve us of our homesickness even for the three fleeting minutes of your presentation. You inspire us to do better in our chosen fields here overseas. Your stories touch us and give us so much inspiration to reach for higher stars while you reach for yours. Salamat sa sayang dala nyo sa amin. Pero please, ingat lang sa stunts. That freaks us out sometimes.

    Sa ABS-CBN – “Showtime” is the sweet spot of all your shows. Don’t change your format but please be selective of the judges you invite. Never again should you let another selfish judge taint your show’s good name with their personal agendas. Roces had her chance and she blew it.

    To MTRCB – I know you mean well but I guess you mean “too” well with that length of a suspension. Bilang anak ng dating guro, na-insulto rin ako sa mga binitiwang salita ni Rosanna Roces pero paano naman po yung mga umaasa sa show na ‘to para sa kabuhayan nila? Twenty days is way too harsh, in my opinion. Especially after they had already employed corrective measure on the matter.

    And to the hosts – your group is a real hoot! Mauutas kami lagi ng pagtawa sa inyo. Para kayong natural anti-depressant pills o kaya naman eh drugs na nakaka-high! Salamat sa saya. Can’t wait for your show to come back. We’ll be marking off the days on our calendars.

    Well, I guess I’ve given you an earful. Thanks for reading.

    • elmot says:

      Thanks Lyon for that wonderful post :D

      Teachers are really for me God’s greatest gift to mankind: the most noble of all jobs in the world.

      Though Osang has her own personal hang-ups and issues against teachers, I think she does not have the rights to discriminate and utter negative statements against “all teachers”.

      The staff of the show has shown they were responsible enough making corrective measures against Osang’s remarks and against her. That should have been enough, with maybe MTRCB just sending out a letter of concern for dialogue and not some kind of drastic action like this.
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Charles Barkley Imitates Alicia Keys, Wears Wig =-.

  16. Wendy Lozano says:

    I think MTRCB is over reacting again. First offend should be given a reprimand letter or a personal dialogue to the people concerned. Infairness to ABSCBN they have done an appropriate action so I can’t understand why this MTRCB is to aggressive to give asuspension with out due process. That is not justifiable at all !!

  17. Kainis talaga si Rosanna Roces… join kayo sa Facebook Hate Club para makita nya hinanapan niya!

    .-= Rosanna Roces Hate Club´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  18. lyca gelilio says:

    hindi ako agree sa decisyon ng mtrcb naimbitahan lang si osang sa show na yan…. malaya lahat mgsalita…. kaya ngsalita si osang ng ganyan… tignan natin si vice ganda ngpasalamat sa mga guro niya…. pinaliwanag na wag lahatin ang guro…..kaya sana maging open minded ang lahat…..

  19. RONA says:

    dpt d ma suspended ang SHOWTIME!!!Dpt pakinggan nla ang sinisigaw ng mga madlang people!!!

  20. jan geronimo says:

    Iyon lang sinuspend si Rosanna Roces? Ano ba tayo totalitarian state? Wala na bang karapatang magsalita sa telebisyon ng saluubin mo at opinyon? It’s Rosanna Roces’ opinion. It maybe insightful, it maybe stupid, but she has the right to say it.

    Tayo ba ay nasyon na ng makahiya? Mga pusong mamon? Konting alingasngas lang pundido na agad ang ating katinuan? Maghunos dili tayo.

    Mas produktibo siguro busisiin ang scope ng powers ng MTRCB na yan. Nakakainsulto na they’ve become arbiters of what gets to be shown in television. Masyadong silang heavy handed, sa tingin ko lang.

  21. plankton1988 says:

    @ Shiela: Maybe you are right about SOME teachers… Ms. Roces may also be right but the whole context of anguish and concern for the teachers as well as the MTRCB is when Ms. Roces provoked on live television our dear students to put foul words (MURAHIN) to their teachers whom doesn’t know about Rizal’s Identity which is absolutely wrong… Forget about the “REPEATERS” nonsense thing.. what concerns us the most is the provoking issue geared by Ms. Roces to the young viewers!

  22. raymond says:

    hi sheila…the term Repeaters that osang had given us was incorrect…its delivery of knowledge based from d book…kung nga ang mga abogado me libro ng batas, ang mga pastor me bible bakit ang mga guro di ba dapat me pinagbabasihan din???cguro di k rin nakapag aral kaya naiintindihan mo c osang…naiintindihan ko nmn c osang dahil epekto i2 ng di nakapag aral…tama c vice ganda…i luv u vice!

  23. benj says:

    unang una sa lahat.. dapat pumipili sila nang maayos maghurado at hindi dinampot kung saan-saan or kung sino lang.. like osang, anu ba siya? bold star before so anu iniexpect natin na isasagot niyan sa mga tulad nito db.. di tulad andrew E. my sense yung paghuhurado niya db.. entertainment is like politics.. sino nasa itaas at mapera siya ang papanigan, kaya anu pa eexpect natin sa mtrcb..

  24. allison says:

    Agree with every1. but i thought it was kind of funny how she said u should look it up on wikipedia. that source isn’t even reliable, any1 can edit the info on it.


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