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Dingdong Dantes wants to Reconcile with Karylle, Karylle says "No Way!"


Dingdong Dantes was interviewed during the promotion of his organized charity event about his plans with ex-girlfriend Karylle after their three-year relationship abruptly coming to an end while Dingdong was starring at the GMA7 primetime show Marimar with his now-girlfriend Marian Rivera.


Actually, the hunk actor now wants to reconcile with Karylle who is now a mainstay of ABS-CBN.

Kung meron akong gustong mabati muna, that would be her parents. And that’s something I plan to do. It’s something that I really want to do. Nothing’s stopping me. Just [waiting for] the right time.

While Karylle is not yet ready to see his former boyfriend and mend their friendship, she is currently being linked to a DJ host, but just shrugged off this issue.

Dingdong Dantes previously shared that he is set to accompany Marian Rivera to Spain in the coming weeks to meet her dad after all his documents are processed and approved.  Does this mean asking the hand of his leading lady, the main cause of the break-up with Karylle?

Certainly, Karylle has grave reasons not to talk with his ex-boyfriend, and Marian having all reasons to strut her thing.

Should Karylle forgive Dingdong already and give him the chance to mend their friendship?  What could be Marian “palengkera” Rivera’s reaction to this? LOL!  Share your thoughts, kindly write your comments.

Image from Why Not Coconut

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  1. FYMARIAN says:

    Don’t waste your time Karylle. Marian is not your level, she’s a cockroach.

  2. FYMARIAN says:

    Don’t mind forgiving Dingdong “the stupid” Dantes. Anyways, you might caught up in a situation where Marian “the palengkera queen” Rivera is there, and you already know what a palengkera could do and would do. Duh! they’re both in troubles now, baka mahawaan ka, your career is blooming. I admire ABS-CBN for there super support on you.

  3. dushite says:

    omg….palengkera ka tlaga marian..kita naman sa personality mo.sayang isa ka pa namang “psychology” LOL…bka naman psychologists or should I say psychotic.hehehe.U must know how to manage yourself.and take note po sa grammar ha.

  4. malii says:

    Man what wrong with Karylle man , iwhy is it so hard to you to forgive Dingdong aye. he’s with marian now. Dingdong you make a right Decision what i mean you and marian are good couple so when are you’s getting married. marian is way pertty then Karylle or what ever..

  5. ejay says:

    duh ! it’s all just what ! i mean, it’s left unsaid by the way … so nothing to comment about,


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