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Some Has Stolen My Mistress!


men-in-stilettosI am a man who loves shoes, no, not the stilettos, though I already tried wearing them once on a school play, ended up with swollen ankle the next day. And if there maybe one thing that I will indulge myself with if I already to see himself on that stage of mid-life crisis, it could easily be splurging on a shopping spree for shoes.

I don’t have lots of shoes now though. I am very frugal young man; living by the mantra of delaying gratification. Only 4 pairs needed for the most basic activities and affairs I engage with: black leather shoes for waltz and cha-cha (!?); white sneakers; white rubber shoes for basketball; and black casual leather shoes. The last one is the loveliest among my mistresses.

But to my great dismay someone has stolen my mistress yesterday morning.

I woke up and prepared myself for work, finished my daily requirement of doing 100 push-ups, but found out that my most beloved pair of shoes is missing. I just placed it near the doorstep of our house, where my shoes are placed.

Maybe our househelp had just placed it somewhere. No. No one dares touch it.

And no one knew where it is.

I searched all over the house and after few rounds of turning the whole house upside down, there, I saw footprints on our newly painted white fence. Damn, they have stolen my mistress!

Ah, thieves went up our fence and had stolen my most beloved pair shoes.

Man…I thought I would end up going into our office barefoot or on stilettos (not anymore for heaven’s sake!).

I only comforted myself with the thought that at least no one was hurt and they only took my shoes. My most precious pair of shoes.

Is this a sign of things to come? Will this mean that maybe my adsense earnings will save me from separation anxiety and buy for me a new pair of shoes?

Wow, “The Mistress that Adsense Earnings Bought!” Sounds good huh.

Any favorite pair of shoes guys, and precious memories with it? Accompany me please on this temporary moment of grief. LOL

Image from Style By Me

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  1. I’m still kind of mentally stuck on the image of you tottering around on stage in stilettos. And the picture you chose to adorn this post? I really hate it when guys, dressed as women, are better looking than I am.

    So…I hope you find your mistress. I take it she has a foot fetish and enjoys watching you do SEO tricks on your laptop in bed?
    .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..Experiment & Results: Improving Alexa Rank =-.

  2. Roy says:

    one pair lost… only means there are more to come, believe you me 😉

    and just like what you said, it’s good that no one was hurt

    be careful ‘bro
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Single fathers =-.

    • elmot says:

      I believe you Bro, I know that when someone is taken away from you, it will just return maybe a hundred fold.

      Our dog was fast asleep, he did not even quip that night, but when he is awake, he immediately barks and go berserk even if only a fly has passed by, LOL

      Thanks for the concern 😀
      .-= elmot´s last blog ..Go Forth and Blog, Benedict XVI told his Priests =-.

      • jan geronimo says:

        Your dog did not even make a noise. Perhaps the dog knows the culprit? Hmmmn. Shoes are replaceable. What’s irritating about this is that someone has put one over you. The nerve really. Buy a sturdy safe for your upcoming Adsense checks, bro. Ahehehe
        .-= jan geronimo´s last blog ..When a Question Is the Answer =-.

      • elmot says:

        Wahahha! I was even thinking of following your advice of putting my remaining pair of shoes inside the refrigerator, whahaha!

        Man, that dog…ah! My father-in-law’s mountain bike was stolen too inside our compound late last year…the nerve indeed of all these people.

        If my adsense checks can afford it, maybe a security guard for our house? Hehehhee…
        .-= elmot´s last blog ..Donnie "Ahas" Nietes Moving Up in Weight =-.

  3. jan geronimo says:

    You’d not lack for security guards making a beeline to apply for the job, bro. Just imagine being paid in dollars

  4. MinnieRunner says:

    Really? The bad guy is just after your mistress?! Nothing else was stolen? I don’t know if I should laugh at the thief or what.

    Well, since I am now into running, I so love my Nike LunarGlide, that my shoes is placed right within my room. And if ever I’ll be having a practice jogging, I dare not leave it in our office, it is too precious for me that I really have to sleep with it inside my room. No one can even touch it 😀

    But, if I will win a Nike LunarElite, I’ll be having a new LOVE, LOL!


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