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PBB Big Winner Melai and Results, Rumored with Irregularities and Vote Rigging


Melai-cantiveros-pbbMelai was declared as the ultimate winner of PBB Double Up Edition last Saturday, but the popularity of this comical young woman and the reputation of the show has been since hounded by intrigues and issues.  The hottest to date is the accusation that the voting system was rigged and manipulated in favor of the General Santos housemate, Melai Cantiveros.

The issue of the results being rigged came from some PBB Fans themselves who raised their doubts after Melai has speedily overtaken 2nd Placer Paul Jake after only 4 days that the Cebuano young businessman topped in the unofficial vote results.  During that time Melai was only on the 3rd spot.

The final results during the Big Night put Melai on the top spot with 32.08% text votes with Paul Jake coming in second with 27.31% of text votes and Jason on the third slot.

PBB management has however denied any irregularities on the results saying that they have maintained transparency and fairness, and that the unofficial text vote results posted days before the Big Night only encouraged fans to vote more for their favorite housemates.

Asked about the issue, Paul Jake said that Melai deserves to win.

Do you think that the PBB results were rigged in order for Melai to win instead of Paul Jake?  What is your thought about this rumor that the PBB result is tainted with irregularities?

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  1. jan geronimo says:

    I’d be concerned if allegations of vote-rigging came from the network insiders themselves… Melai deserves to win: she’s got personality, humor and spunk. She’s become the poster girl for everybody who can’t make a claim to stardom because of ordinary features, humble beginnings. Showbiz puts a high premium on classic good looks. It’s about time the masses had someone in showbiz they can truly identify with.

  2. malou lanzon says:

    grabe,,,ang laki ng pinag bago ni melai simula ng manalo cia sa pbb


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