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Kristine Hermosa Sexy Photo, Picture


kristine-hermosa-scandal-sexy-hotI amazed whenever I key in Kristine Hermosa on search engines, there is an automatic keyword generator that says as one option to choose is the Kristine Hermosa Scandal.

I searched over the net and obviously, one will never find one, pictures, photos, videos or any trace of it.  As there is certainly none, but what is there is and has always been, is the curiosity of people if not malicious minds of searches; and might have included me, LOL!

The hot sexy Pinay Kristine was once married to actor Pinoy hot actor Diether Ocampo via a secret wedding in a far-away municipality, but the marital bliss did not last long, and both now have moved on and having their own individual romantic relationships.

So Kristine Hermosa Scandal?  Duh, there is none.  Nada.

Showbiz rumors and gossips say that she is to get married with Oyo Boy Sotto.

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