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Echong Dee is Gay and Has a Gay Benefactor?


Echong Dee is Gay and Has Gay BenefactorFrom being a great swimmer, Enchong Dee has already taken the showbiz spotlight.  And as his star is shinning even brighter, Enchong has received more intrigues than ever.

Now, rumors and gossips are circulating about Echong Dee’s sexuality. The question of people:  is Enchong Dee gay?

But Enchong is quick to repel the issues and set the records straight about rumors of him being a homosexual sharing his thoughts during a press conference of a new movie he stars;

Opo (narinig ko na po ‘yon). Bahala na po sila. Wala na po (akong magagawa). Kumbaga, simula po noon hanggang ngayon, wala po akong ginagawang masama pero kapag ganyan, may mga lumalabas nga.

And aside from rumors and gossips that Enchong is gay, another side of the story is that he has a gay benefactor that treats him lavishly, of this Enchong also denied.

Well, these are just very normal PR games to drum up interest on some movie projects.  I will not wonder if some rumors will spread like wildfire that Vice Ganda is gay and has a gay benefactor when his remake of the film “Petrang Kabayo” hits the silver screens.

What do you think?

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  1. Anon says:

    All false.

  2. edo says:

    but, he is sooooo gay

  3. debie says:

    I like enchong dee,the way he act & I love his character in katorse,ang tanging yaman & so on,actually i don’t know him but when i watch the you tube he got my attention.magaling talaga sya.


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