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Baby James Yap “I Love Villar” Photo/Picture Circulating on the Web, LOL!


I was browsing over Facebook when I came across the photo of Baby James holding a board paper with the words “I Love Villar”.  I almost fell on my chair laughing at the irony.

Months ago, a photo of Baby James also surfaced with him flashing his middle finger, afterwhich he was caught saying during a public rally saying “Villar” instead of his uncle Noynoy Aquino.  (Watch video here)

It is plain and simple:  the photos of the kid flashing his middle finger and particularly this photo are all manipulated.

This is only one price of fame and politics, good thing that Kris Aquino and husband James Yap decided to withdraw Baby James Yap from the showbiz spotlight.

Baby James Yap “I Love Villar” Photo/Picture:

baby james

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  1. Bryan Serrano says:

    so fake.

  2. May says:

    kamowte obvious na obvious naman na inedit….bobo nalang ang di makakhalata at ang maniniwala sa picture na yan wahahahhahahhahahha ambobo ng gumawa nyan wahahhahahahhaha

  3. kim says:

    look at the hands’ LOL!! mga echusera !! waLEy !

  4. LOL. Last month may nabasa akong magazine ni Kris Aquino. yung Kris’s Diary ata yun. basta. nakalimutan ko kung anong month yung issue na yun e. basta yung kinukwento niya nung buhay pa si Cory. tapos nakita ko yung mga pictures nila ni baby james, karamihan pansin ko yung middle finger. Hahaha. akala ko naman hindi sadya dun sa unang picture. pero nung nakita ko, andami e. Hahaha. wala lang. Shareee.


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