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Charice Apologized to David Archuleta for Inviting Him on a Gay Bar


david-archuleta-star-1Charice Pempengco asked for an apology to her friend and American Idol Runner Up David Archuleta for inviting the latter to her performance at a high end gay bar in New York.

The bar is Club 57.

David Archuleta having no idea pleasantly graced Charice’s invitation but was surprised of the kind of place he got into.

David tweeted:

“Last night in New York I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform. Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn. The upside was that Charice was awesome, and she has an incredible voice.

“Hope that clears things up!

“Been seeing some of the tweets.. sheesh!”

Our very own singing sensation responded to David via Twitter too:

“Before i go to my interviews, i just want to clear up some things, about the Saturday night. David went to see me there perform as a friend. I am really thankful to have a great friend like David…thank you for the support.

“One more thing, i just got invited there because Pyramid is no.7 on Billboard dance remix and i really had to go there to promote it. But bottomline, David just showed his support for me. and i wanna thank him.”

David Archuleta responds back:

“Aw haha thanks Charice! Sorry for causing any problems, I know you didn’t mean to cause any confusion

Morale of the story?  Don’t simply say yes when someone invites you; check if the party is to be held on a gay bar, LOL!

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  1. Adam says:

    charice is crazy little midget who’s already 18 and begging some attention in hollywood! she’s so boastful that’s why almost all Filipinos don’t like her…she is totally a BIG CRAP! she had 2 solo concert here in the PHILiPPINES and I MUST SAY IT”S REALLY A FLOOOOPP! lots of chairs left unattended…what a shame!!!!

  2. Charms88 says:

    Adam: first, it wasn’t charice who inivted david at club 57. It was david’s former bandmate, Eli who is now charice’s band member. Second, she doesn’t need to beg for attention from holywood because eversince she appeared on american TV, the american people already loved her. David A was one of those amazed by Charice’s talent. Before charice met david in person back in 2008, DAvid A had lots of blogs about her expressing his admiration to the girl. CRAB? You definitely don’t know what you are talking about. I tell you, crab is YOU, Adam! Make a research before you post a comment. Almost filipinos don’t like her? NOPE! Those filipino haters are people with tiny brains like you, teen filipino girls that are obsessed with David A because they are so envious and jealous of charice. To add info to your very poor brain, even filipino artists and famous media men admire charice and are very proud of her.

    Concert, flopped? – Were you there? – You are simply just one of the crab haters of charice making noise just so because of your crab mentality. The concerts she had in the Philippine were successful, my friends were there.

    So, shut your mouth up, MORON!

  3. jea says:

    i agree with you adam charice is arrogant the main reason why most filipinos dont like her specifically those interviews she has done in pi beating celine and mariah in exchanging thoughts. Yes and her 2 concerts were successful courtesy of those complimentary tickets that had distributed

  4. David Archuleta is definitely one of the best singer in American Idol.,~-

  5. Owen Murphy says:

    David Archuleta is great but for me, the best is still Kelly Clarkson*~”

  6. David Archuleta has a great voice but i do think that it is not the best voice*`~

  7. Anna Begum says:

    i just thought that adam lambert has a much better voice than David Archuleta’;-

  8. simplySad says:

    dunno y there r ppl like u ADAM in this world…a hater…i feel sorry for u man…a CRAB…i totally disagree, many fils love charice…ive witness that she’s your country’s pride and we believe in her talent…she’s real…
    if u dont have anythin good to say about others…y dont u just fuck urself up! u moron!
    uffff i just hate ppl like u… i hope satan would take u away to his castle sooooon!

  9. MURDERER says:


  10. MURDERER says:

    Fuck Charice the Midget!! Learn how not to yell when singing!! LOL

  11. Nonz says:

    Charice is only riding on the support given to her by Ms Oprah. It has made her into an unlikeable person, simply because she thinks she’s great. Thea Mejia is better and good looking. Charice’s looks are not something to be proud of and her voice is average. There are lots more beautiful Filipina singers here that have better voices. Unfortunately, she lucked out with Oprah and bets on that she’ll be dead to the world before this year ends. David Archuleta admires her because he is unfamiliar with Filipino talent and once he there are a dozen Charices here but the really good artists do not need to be narcissistic like she is. I pity her. Lol, feeling like she can keep up with the joneses, their maid perhaps. Lol.


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