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Sexy Girl Group Mocha Girls Disbanded


Time to part ways.

Sexy girl group Mocha Girls disbanded with the 4 members of the 5-member sexy Pinay girl group forming their own band.

Mocha Girls named after their group leader Mocha Uson.

People speculated the reason why the 4 members of the group left Mocha Uson, but the four girls Grace Oracion Hershey Delas Alas, Heart de Guzman and Bez Lacanlale said that they had never felt any “professional jealousy” denied any “money issues”.  They just wanted to make a name for themselves.

Mocha Uson on the other hand welcomed and accepted the four’s moving out and said that she had already looked for back-up dancers and singers.

The sexy group had been very controversial for their scandalous photos that had been published by an online tabloid site.

Sexy Girl Group Mocha Girls Scandal Photos Pictures and Videos

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