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Man Died After Friends Inserted Eel On His Rectum


Mermaid w_EelDon’t laugh.  This is not all too funny.

A man from China was reported dead after his friend played fun on him by inserting a live eel on his rectum while they were all drunk.

The eel was reported to be about 50cm Asian swamp eel type and was found by doctors inside the rectum of the 59-year old Chinese man.

Doctors said the man died from internal bleeding as the eel caused so much damage on the victim’s internal organ, especially on his intestines.

Lesson learned:  Always on guard whenever you drunk.  You will never know, some of your friends may insert a whole pineapple on your behind.

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  1. jan geronimo says:

    The things we do for fun. I bet the perpetrators initially thought it was a brilliant idea at first.

    “But your honor, we thought it would find its way out. After all, how hard it is to make a simple turn, no?”

    I supposed under ordinary circumstances dapat pulutan nila un eel. Incidentally, did the renegade eel survive the ordeal?


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