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Manny Pacquiao Open to Mayweather’s Drug Testing Demand; Fight is On?


mayweather-vs-pacquiaoPound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao has soften his tone about the drug testing issue that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is pressing him in order for their fight, the biggest fight in boxing history, to push through.

Floyd Mayweather beat Sugar Shane Mosley last May 1, 2010 at the MGM Grand via unanimous decision.  Floyd asked about what’s next and the prospect of fighting Pacquiao, he insisted of an Olympic-style drug testing.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was botched after negotiations on revenue share and drug testing issue that the Mayweather camp was insisting never reached any agreement.

Today, Manny Pacquiao though said through his website that he is ready to yield on some drug-testing demands of Mayweather just for the fight to happen as what fans have been waiting.

Pacquiao said,

“I am willing to help the sport for the future of the sport. I do not want to see anyone cheat or cheat this sport. For that reason I am willing to consider taking blood [tests] as close as 14 days prior to the fight, as long as my opponent does the same, and it is not a lot of blood, just enough to test. I do not want anyone having an unfair advantage where someone may get hurt.  I am willing to do my part to help this sport out.”

Let’s get it on, and bust out Mayweather’s big mouth.  But I am pretty sure Mayweather may soon find another reason for the fight not to happen as he is afraid of getting busted and lie flat on the floor.

Image from Ariel Payopay

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