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Simon Cowell To Be Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II


Ryan Seacrest may soon stop fooling around Simon Cowell’s nipples and start calling him Sir Simon Cowell on American Idol, if he will still be around on Season 10.

Well, it is reported that people recommended to former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for Simon Cowell to be knighted due to the music mogul’s immense contribution to different humanitarian causes, the most recent of which is the fund-raising efforts for Haiti.

Simon Cowell, has been known to be very generous giving millions of dollars annually to different charities and fund-raising events while at the same time patron of Children’s Hospices UK.

Cowell will be knighted on June 12 during the Queen’s Birthday honors.

As Sir Simon Cowell, I am pretty sure this is not something very “self-indulgent” nor sounds very “karaoke”.  heheheh….


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  1. jan geronimo says:

    If only for those charity work – and for those nipples – deserving siya to be knighted. He’s made people realize the awesome power of these simple words in dashing a wannabe’s dream: rubbish, annoying, self-indulgent. Or perhaps it’s the English accent that makes it devastating? 🙂

    Go, Simon!

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