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Nazril Irham Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya Scandal Video Tape Stirs Controversy in Indonesia


Nazril Irham Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya Scandal Video TapeA could be first scandal has broke out in the most populated and still very traditional Muslim country.

Two of Indonesia’s celebrities are caught in the middle of controversy as their sex scandal video tape has circulated online and on mobile phones.

Indonesia, though now opened its doors to democracy is still a very conservative Muslim nation.

The scandal tape shows Indonesia’s pop star Nazril Irham or Ariel in a sexual position in bed with Luna Maya his girlfriend.  Maya is a model and actress.

The Nazril Irham and Luna Maya scandal video tape spread like wildfire that authorities made a clamp down to stop the proliferation of what they consider pornography.  They are also contemplating of filing appropriate charges against those who circulated the video scandal.

Nazril Irham and Luna Maya denied that they are the ones in the scandal video saying that it was doctored.  The two Indonesian stars were called by police for investigation.

The scandal also broke out debates about sex education in Indonesia and protecting children against pornography.

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  2. Robaire says:

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    His picture on the, THE WEEK February 11, 2011 looks just like me when I was younger.

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