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Kris Aquino and James Yap Marital Problems, for the Nth Time!


Kris-and-jamesKris Aquino is once again taking the limelight of discussions among many corners of the Philippine islands as she can’t simply resist the strong urging of her nature to keep into her heart and inner circle the issues that surround her marriage.

She has revealed over her Twitter account the past days of having marital problems with husband James Yap that first started during the tedious campaigning for her brother President-elect Noynoy Aquino.

Noynoy Aquino for his part has already shared some bits of this marriage issue before when he said that he will not interfere on issues about Kris’ marriage.

James Yap meanwhile keeps mum about their situation which I think is the right thing to do, but may just soon be at the end of negative public perception as Kris has always swayed the opinions of people to her side; at least majority of the people.

Kris Aquino shared on SNN her official statement regarding the issue:

“There have been a series of life altering events in my life this past year – from our mother’s death to my brother’s election and now my moving in a different direction as far as my career is concerned. Lastly, there is the state of my marriage. I would like to say that where I am now is a result of many months of fortitude and in the last couple of months, careful thought. My sole priority is the well being of my sons, Josh and Bimby. We are together, they are in my care and it’s my intention and prayer to make this period of our lives to be as free from trauma as possible. I choose to keep my silence primarily because my current state is not one for celebration or lengthy discussion but rather prayer, private reflection and quiet. It is in the best interest of my two sons that I remain quiet most especially because I shouldn’t make what’s already difficult become more

I just hope that this Kris Aquino-James Yap marital issue will not add burden to an Aquino administration.
What could be the reason, third party?  Or James may have already realized the difficulty of living with a Kris Aquino?  Age gap?

What is your opinion regarding this new issue on Kris and James?

Image from Ellen Tordesillas

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  1. Lucida Maingpis says:

    In every relationship there’s always the “away-bati” stage. What makes it big deal for kris & james is that they’re public and kris is so transparent. I just wish that we all give them a break, that we allow them to fix their differences in silence. Everyone has his/her love/ marriage story. Let’s not judge because we are not part of their marriage. Granting that it is Kris who opened it in public, it’s still pointless and improper for us to just throw our judgment.
    Many would say that Kris should learn to behave properly. I challenge them to prove that they were proper themselves. It’s absurd that we demand someone to be proper if we can’t be proper. I believe it is always wrong to meddle in someone else relationship. Most importantly, it is wrong to judge other people especially someone we don’t really know. What we all know was the public kris.

    kung mismong mga taong malapit kay kris tulad ng knyang kapatid ay nagsabing hndi sya mkikialam hanga’t hndi sya hinihingan ng payo. Hindi ba’t mas lalo sana tyong hndi mkialam???

  2. jan geronimo says:

    I just hope Kris and James can work out the kinks in their marriage. 🙂

  3. Maunde says:

    Kris wants the pinoys to pity her again… I don’t know if people will still buy it. Her popularity is slowly diving, especially now that people are worried Kris may interfere with her brothers administration…

  4. jesse reyes says:

    i’m a kris fan pero sa ngayon, i dont buy her reasons; why? she’s giving us the impression she is in love and with binay’s son … what’s new? problem is simpleng tao si james at
    may sariling mundo; tingin ung coming out ni kris ay one way para masira si james;
    too bad she was not successful in swaying peoples sympthy;;;


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