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Angel Locsin FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman of 2010 – RESULTS


angel-locsin-hot-sexyDrum roll please!

And the sexiest Pinay celebrity out there is…Angel Locsin!

Yes, Angel Locsin fans, rejoice as your cherubic hot chick is FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman of 2010.

With more than four million votes garnered, the sexiest woman in the Philippines is Angel Locsin trailed behind by Christine Reyes and Marian Rivera.

Angel Locsin got 284,156 votes to land on the top spot.

Top 10 spots for FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman of 2010:

1. Angel Locsin

2. Christine Reyes

3.  Marian Rivera

4. Iwa Moto

5. Angelica Panganiban

6. Katrina Halili

7. Regine Velasquez

8. Bangs Garcia

9. Ehra Madrigal

10. Jackie Rice

For heaven’s sake Regine Velasquez?????!!!!!  Number 7 is the only one I think that tarnished the list.

To all who voted for Regine Velasquez, “Reminder:  this is not for the sexiest senior citizens in the Philippines!”


So what do you think of the results?  Are you satisfied?

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  1. baybie_sam says:

    nagulat ka ba at si Regine Velasquez e napasama sa fhm top 10?
    lahat nman deserving mapasama lalo na kung sexy ka inside and out and i think she deserves to be on top 10.
    I’m sure naiinggit ka lang…senior citizen?how about jean garcia?eula valdez?dina bonnevie?pops fernandez?ano pa sila but still napapasama pa dn sila sa top 100 sexiest women in the philippines kahit pa my mga anak na sila…

    so hndi malayong mapabilang si Regine sa top 10 kze bukod sa maganda na sya, at sexy ngaun e very talented pa…i’m sure kng sa top 10 most talented women in the Philippines e No. 1 si Regine…tsk!!!

    wag ngang magpaka bitter..mrami lng tlagang naniniwala sa kakayahan nia…


    ganda at sexy nia kze dun ngaun…KUDOS FOR REGINE VELASQUEZ!!!

  2. masaya ako dahil nagspot nanaman sa no. 1 c angel locsin sa fhm.bilang isang fan ni angel im proud to be angelster.at deserve naman tlaga ni angel ang no. 1 sa fhm. dahil di lang yan napapa2nyn sa hubog nang katawan kundi sa pagiging simple at humble niya.dahil sa ugli nyang ito ay p2loy parin syang minamahal nang masa.and done she deserve it tlaga!!! at tungkol naman kay regine bkt? naman sya nsali sa top 10. kayraming deserve na young celebrity dyan. okay pa” sana kung nasa top 50 sya o atleast di masamang pakinggan o tignan.

  3. PJ says:

    i just like to ask if any of you seen any sexy picture of regine? from what i know she doesnt wear bras on her movies but sexy picture or a pictorial… i dont think i’ve seen one…

  4. lhen says:

    well masaya ako kc nakasma c regine! i’m one of her fan…sana hindi k n lng nag comment about her kc madami tlg mag rereact… hindi nmn s edad knukuha ang pagiging sexy ns nag dadala! mukhang against k s knya kita s mga comment mo! hehehe

  5. aley says:

    eh ano naman kung kasali si regine eh binoto sya.. except lang sa iba jan..saka sikat naman sya.. sexiest si regine dahil talented sya..
    kung ugali ni lang naman mabait din naman si regine noh… at family oriented

  6. christine mecca says:

    hay………. yan ang i-dol ko wala paring makakatalo sa kanya talbog parin c marian kahit anong gawin nya

  7. furious --01 says:

    angel locsin being on top again makes me really wonder. maybe because of her pictures posted for FHM but hye, look at her figure now? can you say she’s still the sexy DARNA she used to be? id rather agree of christine reyes being on top of the list,as undeniably sexy figure she maintained for many years in showbizness. i have nothing against with angel locsin and indeed she;s really pretty but FHM is for sexy women, not for used to be sexy women. for marian, yea, she is sexy but she cant be number one because of her known attitude, voters really considers attitude. iwa moto doesnt deserve to be in the top 4 as well, she’s sometimes sexy, more often not. angelica and katrina should get higher votes since they’re both really pretty and alluring sexy!~ for regine, what i admire of is when she is sexy, she’s really hot. but when she’s kinda fat, she’ll still look amazing. and i hope jackie rice gets more higher spot next time. she’s really really hot!

  8. joy says:

    GnDa TlGa ni aNgEl !!!! We lOvE u 4EvEr !!! ????


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