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Marian-Dingdong Relationship; "not perfect" According To Dingdong Dantes


mariann and dingdongWe all know that Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are on and off screen lovers, and amazingly their charm is hypnotizing in a way that, most of the teledramas that they starred in has rocket high ratings. Most of the time, we see them lovey-dovey in front of the screen, and it is obvious how these two people are in love.  However, Dingdong reveals in a recent interview that his relationship with Marian is “not perfect”. There had been rumors that they always seem to have a lovers quarrel. Dantes defends that, it is normal for them to quarrel, and it can not be avoided.  But the good thing is, he says that their work is not affected, and in the end they always manage to keep things okay.

On the other hand, Dingdong also shared about his recent birthday party that his sweetie Marian Rivera organized for him. He refused to tell what Marian‘s gift was, and stated that it’s not the material things that count. He said that the most important gift that he received from Marian was patience.

I wonder what Marian‘s gift for Dingdong was, maybe it’s worth a fortune?

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