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Claudine Barretto Dares to Sue Angelica Panganiban


Claudine-BarettoClaudine Barretto-Santiago was outraged when she heard that Angelica Panganiban was spreading rumors about her having an affair with a guy named Martin Castro who happens to be the best friend of Derek Ramsay, Angelica‘s long time boyfriend. Claudine met Martin through her husband Raymart Santiago. She shares that four people confirmed that it was indeed Angelica who’s spreading the rumor.

Barretto also hated how Angelica said things about her sister Gretchen on Twitter. However, she denies that she has an affair with her husband’s friend. She thinks it all started when she and Raymart went to Martin and his wife’s house warming party. Incidentally, Angelica and Derek were also invited.

According to Claudine, Angelica seemed to be in a bad temper that night. It was also then when she heard that Angelica told the other guests that Gretchen gave Derek expensive gifts. Claudine confronted her that night and asked why she was saying those things at the party.  Angelica only replied with a sour “sorry”.

“Inalagaan ko ‘yan since she was nine years old. She was there on my wedding, imbitado siya sa binyag, we invite her to our house, how could she do this to me and my family? Kung may pinagdadaanan siya, sana sabihin niya sa akin, iintindihin ni Ate,”  the 31-year-old actress said tearfully.

Claudine tried to talk with Derek and Angelica formally but it never happened because the couple don’t have time to show up.

As of now, the papers for suing Angelica Panganiban is being finalized. The Santiagos plan to hire Atty. Raymond Fortun as their lawyer.

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