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Winner of Survivor Philippine Celebrity Edition LEAKED!


survivor philippines celebrity editionOnly the first two days of airing, but Survivor Philippine Celebrity Edition is already mired by a leak as online blog sites started to post the winner of the said reality-game show.

A good number of online showbiz and gossip sites posted that Moi Marcampo is the winner of the Survivor Philippine Celebrity Edition though Raymond, brother of Richard Gutierrez, host of the show dismissed the rumor and said that “Getting a lot of tweets predicting the winner of Survivor. They’ll do a live voting at the end. So no winner yet.”

So far, all the celebrity castaways are still complete on a remote island in Thailand which was once devastated by the killer tsunami.

With the leak circulating, it is not impossible that Moi could be the winner taking note that the previous Survivor Philippines which the winner was JC Tiuseco was already known among showbiz writers and gossipers even before he was proclaimed.  The leak was said to come from the writers of the show themselves who carelessly talked about JC Tuiseco being the winner in one of their dining spree.

Any thoughts about the said leak? Is it possible that there is already a winner?

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  1. Me says:

    If you check wikipedia, it already listed down the names of the participants according to their elimination (Top – first voted out).


    Based from that, Moi is one of the last three contestants so this ‘rumor’ might actually be true.

    Have you all noticed that the survivor contestants are already out doing interviews when they are supposed to be in the ‘live’ reality show? Mico Aytona has already done shooting an indie film while Akihiro had interviews about his recent community service which means they were already out even though the show is still going on.

    Hence, i don’t believe that the ‘actual’ voting is live. They might have voted who the winner is already and that the ‘LIVE VOTING’ will be shown in TV as a front or to deceive the viewers.

    I hope they could have been honest. Including the network supervisors and producers.

  2. Maryagirl says:

    Ervic and Aubrey’s attitude in the island is really something plus Soleen the three of them are so plastic. At first I adore Aubrey but I now I dunno she’s always saying that its just a game but she’s taking it seriously. I’m just hoping that Aki will win cause in the top four he is the one that deserve to called the survivor philippines celebrity edition soul survivor.

  3. Sole survivor says:

    Any body can be a winner…

    Ervic and Aubrey played the game intelligently and smartly. Survivor is a game that you should play to win using your brain… Aki, a gentleman (as he portrayed) played th game based on friendship and trust. He played the game easy because he don’t need to use his brain (that’s why he ended being a model… no brain needed). Solemn, sneaky girl… I like her, she played the game silently… uses her friend to win… parasite indeed… but that’s how you should play it…

    But if the aim of the game is to gain friendship, play like aki… otherwise, play like solemn, aubrey and ervic…

    Never never play like Jon… he was an irritating player, a big man, parasite to his girl… trying to use his physical image to win, but failed… Jon, use your brain… and stop back figthing (you’re a man, not michelle)… Michelle, stop making face… you’re destroying your ugly face… your attitude can be seen through your face and action…

  4. iLOveAkihiro says:

    sana si aki manalo. lol
    out na nga si moi eh.panu
    pa siya mananalo?
    goodluck aki.

  5. Exia says:

    sabi na si moi pa mananalo i think iboboto siya kahit na out na siya. nice moi!!!!


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