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Gretchen Barretto Speaks


Gretchen-Baretto sexy scandalIn the midst of the Claudine-Angelica saga, many think that the older Barretto, Gretchen, is sandwhiched in between her little sister and new friend. In a recent interview, she said that she doesn’t have to do anything with it, even if she’s not in speaking terms with her sister. Just a week ago, Claudine said, “Linis lang ako ng linis ng kalat ng kapatid ko.”, pertaining to Gretchen and her recent rift with Angelica Panganiban. At that statement, Gretchen reacted quite calmly and did what is expected of any older sister.

“Claudine is obviously going through a tough time—in all aspects of her life. I pray that I have more patience and a little more love for her. Pilitin na lang nating intindihin.

“Although, it’s hurtful. I cannot deny that her words are very hurtful, but as a sister I still choose to understand and I still choose to bear the hurt.”, Gretchen said.

But what really is her stand regarding the issue? Her statements were safe but not that vague.

“If Claudine’s distorted truth about me and about others makes her feel like a better sister and person, if it makes her feel better than the rest of the world, if it makes her feel whole and accepted and loved, if it makes her feel well and stay well and sane, then so be it. As a sister who loves Claudine dearly, I choose to be more understanding and compassionate of her situation.”, Gretchen Barretto stated.

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