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Nadine Samonte: Ayokong sumali sa issue


NadineSamonteThere was a said rift between GMA-7’s talents–Marian Rivera and Bella Padilla–who both stars in the high-rating primetime teleserye “Endless  Love”.  Apparently, Padilla caused Rivera to be jealous over her real-life boyfriend Dingdong Dantes, who is also a main cast in “Endless Love”.  Rivera’s jealousy lead her to confront Padilla and warned her to keep her hands off Dingdong. In response to the rumors, Padilla said in an interview that her conscience is clean, and she’s one hundred percent sure that she didn’t do anything to make Marian jealous.

Nadine Samonte, also a co-star, was asked about this issue but refused to talk about it in details. The Kapuso star thinks that her words might affect their working relationship and may cause more flame in the said tiff.

Ayoko sumali sa issue..”, Samonte says. She says both actresses are her friends and she wants the rift to end.

But if ever she is to choose between the two parties, Samonte admits that she would most definitely side with Marian. The 22-year-old actress is much closer to Rivera but she says she’d still listen to what Padilla would say. She also said that Marian opened up to her regarding this issue.

Samonte said that these problems cannot be avoided in their field of work.

“Kaya nga ako, madalas ay alangan ako sa mga eksena na may halikan and all. Baka kasi…kasi…minsan mahirap din [on an actor’s part]. “We have to give our all in every scene, in every take. Tapos takot ka na kahit paano eh may magalit sa ‘yo.”

All the same, Nadine shared that her marriage with her non-showbiz will still take place in 2012. In the meantime, they’re still saving up for their future and plans to invest in other business as other means of livelihood.

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