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Mrs. Martin Castro: Claudine may have made it all up


panganiban barrettoIn between all this controversies; Claudine’s endless rants and threats and Angelica’s unexpected silence, Cristina Castro–wife of Martin Castro who’s said to be Claudine‘s other guy–decided to let her opinions be heard.

First things first, she clarified that in the party she and her husband hosted last July, they did not invite or rather treat Raymart and Claudine as special guests as what Claudine seemed to be stressing in an interview. She says they invited all their friends, of course including Derek and Angelica. Martin and Cris had been friends with Derek for almost 13 years, and Derek even lived with them for three months straight. Derek is also a father and a best friend to their kids,as what Mrs. Castro had said. Clearly, the Castros have known Derek and Angelica for quite sometime as compared to the Santiagos. However, Cris stressed out that she’s not close to Angelica, and neither to Claudine. She describes Angelica as quiet and shy.

Cris said that on the night of the party, Derek and Angelica arrived quite late and left early. She said Angelica was quiet and was beside Derek all the time that night, maybe uncomfortable coz she didn’t actually know anyone at the party, but still had a smile on her face. Which is contradicting to what Claudine had said that Angelica was in a “padabog-dabog” manner. Cris said that they would’ve heard if Angelica said things about Gretchen that night, she didn’t even heard Gretchen’s name  mentioned. She said it was Claudine who was loud and very friendly that night.

Regarding the rumors about Claudine and her husband, Cris knows its not true. She didn’t even know those rumors existed, it was only Claudine who told her.

And so she told Claudine:

You’re not having an affair with my husband—so why should you be putting so much energy into this? I don’t care, and you shouldn’t care. You have Raymart, you have your kids, your career. Why should you care? You can’t find time for any of this!”

Claudine was furious and won’ let the issue slip, as it could ruin her career.

“I don’t know if there are rumors. Claudine says there are. Who’s spreading them? We will never know, we will never know. Claudine may have made it up, I’ll never know, and it doesn’t matter. It’s not true anyway!”, Mrs. Castro said.

Cris claims she’s busy and doesn’t have time for all these stuff. Probably, the only reason she spoke up is because  she didn’t like the way their names have been dragged in this mess. As what she says, they’re private people.

“Angelica, we’ve known longer than Claudine. There’s been no rift in all this time, she’s never affected us in this way. But Claudine, in just a couple of months…”, she said.

On the contrary, Cris doesn’t blame Claudine, she says that she just didn’t expect things to turn out like this. But when asked if she regrets being associated with Claudine, she answered:

“Yeah, I guess. I don’t need that noise in my life.”

Cris also mentioned something very intriguing. She said Claudine calls Martin about 30 times a day. Doesn’t it bother her?

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  1. No wonder many do not believe Claudine and Raymart in their latest brouhaha with Ramon Tulfo


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