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Andi Eigenmann and her Attitude Problem



It seems like the Agua Bendita star Andi Eigenmann has been too blatant for a noobie. Rumors say that Andi has an attitude problem and the TV staff that she’s been with had a hard time working with her. A source said that the young star is ill-tempered and gets mad for even the smallest glitch. There was an instance where Andi yelled at production assistant.

It was said that the actress have changed handlers because none can’t seem to adjust to her mood swings. Luckily,her current handler is too patient and is able to take Andi‘s mood swings.

Andi‘s attitude might be hereditary. Rumor has it that even her mother Jaclyn Jose is also hard to deal with. It seems that Jose often complains that her daughter is being overworked yet it was their side who accepts too much offers.

It was also rumored that somebody heard Andi tell her co-star that if she’s with GMA-7 right now, she would’ve been a millionaire.

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