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Dingdong Dantes Defends of Marian Over Feud with Bella Padilla


dingdong-dantesThe deafening silence has at last been broken by Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera’s real-life boyfriend and co-star on GMA7’s “Endless Love” where the feud and now hottest controversy of his girlfriend against Bella Padilla is in the spotlight.

The feud between Marian Rivera and Bella Padilla escalated by the comfort room incident has led Padilla’s camp to come out denouncing the purported arrogance of GMA7’s leading celebrity.  All of these issues they said were all for Marian’s baseless jealousy that Bella wants to get Dindong Dantes from her side.

Now, Dingdong Dantes shared a statement about this whole thing and was posted at Pep.ph. Here is the statement of Marian’s boyfriend and the guy at the center of all this controversy.

“I feel saddened by the accusations and false allegations hurled towards Marian which I feel are unfair and were totally blown out of proportion.

“I am saying this because I know the truth.

“Whatever happened in the past happened between two ADULTS, and I believe that this was already resolved.

“Now, all talks stemming from it are obviously hurting the status quo, which we were led to believe, was already smooth sailing.

“As someone who believes in Marian’s character and loves her dearly, wholeheartedly, without boundaries, in this life or in the next, I would like the readers/public/spectators to know that I will be behind her, beside her, and even in front of her in fulfilling her dreams and aspirations.

“Our relationship is at its strongest point now, more than ever.

“From hereon, we will just direct our attention to more important matters that will make more people happy.

“We will just focus our energies on the projects that she will be blessed with, which will enrich the industry.

“We will continue to treasure and love the family and friends around her who truly matter and who know the truth.

“At the end of the day, there is a reason why Marian is who she is… And the entire country, if not most of it (at the very least), can vouch for that.


So any thoughts about the statement of Dingdong Dantes about the rift between Marian and Bella?

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  1. FYMARIAN says:

    STUPID GUY! so blinded by the sexy moves. crazy kisses. hot sex that marian shared with him. you’re supposedly one of the hottest guy the world ever known but you’re so stupid. you shared your bed and lifetime promises to a scandalous and brainless marian rivera. how pathetic of you dingdong. have you noticed she pull your career down? when are you going to wake up? and you sided with her?

  2. pinkz says:

    Whoah! Playing with guilt and publicly wiping the dirt but hey, theres still stain!…WhooshX..Behavior problem? thats a forever burden and sacrifice for the immediate person. He need to drop her like she’s HOT and… She need to BREATHE and Chillax, shes never that IT GIRL esp. as talent and behavior role model! ..

  3. Skye says:

    Will you just shut up and stop criticizing Marian! You don’t even know what really happened. And people like you can’t bring her down because she has natural talent and beauty. All I can say is that Dingdong made the right decision defending her. It is the right thing to do especially that he knows the truth. So please leave Marian alone and live a meaningful life! Jealous people will always try to bring a successful person down.

  4. pinkey says:

    You all are jealous, if u havdm nothing gud to say please shut the fuck up.are you guys perfect?don’t you make mistake.whatever the case is.I think they are the best couples ever..


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