Robin Padilla – Mariel Rodriguez Wedding, Part of Publicity for their New Show


MarielRobinWeddingThe hottest showbiz news in town today about the purported Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez marriage that had happened in Baguio in an Ifugao wedding ceremony is becoming more complicated.  The Ibaloi mambunong or priest had been interviewed on television and had shared of his disappointment over the denials made by the couple about the wedding ceremony he had performed.

The Ibaloi priest named Jimmy Ong said,

“Kung shooting lang ‘yon, ganoon ang ginagawa, bawal din sa amin ang ganoon… Kung ibig niyang sabihin kinakahiya niya ang [kultura] ng Igorot, siya ay isang Igorot din.”

This reaction came about other explanation of the said wedding ceremony as just part of a shooting for a new show that the couple will star on.

Ong said that the ceremony was sacred and binding.  He said further amidst the report made by showbiz news site that there was no documents in Baguio that the two had indeed married, the ceremony was nonetheless still legal for the Ifugao culture.

But the issue that the ceremony and all other events about the two including their trip to India are just but parts of a new show that will soon premiere on ABS-CBN.  The new show he said will explain everything.  Padilla said,

“Hindi kami puwedeng mag-kumpirma at hindi kami puwedeng umamin hangga’t hindi nilalabas ang aming programa.  Meron din po kaming commitment sa ABS-CBN na meron kaming TV show at ang magpapaliwanag po sa lahat ng nangyayaring ito – magmula sa India hanggang sa Baguio at hangga’t meron pa po ulit, may parating pa po at marami pa pong darating – ay ang amin pong programa.”

This issue has received lots of criticisms for Robin being a Muslim – that he had disrespected the tenets of his religion.  Also, the Ifugao priest is also echoing the sentiment of his people that the sacred ritual was just used for the new show of the couple.

So with all the hype and media mileage that Robin and Mariel are getting lately, their love affair, the trip to India, Mariel’s operation and surgery and this wedding, I think these are all just but part of a grand plan for their new show, sometimes to the effect of hurting the sentiments other people.

Are they therefore just taking the public for a ride, creating a make believe fairy tale all for the benefit of a new show?  Now I am thinking that this new show is somewhat that kind of a reality show in the US that starred Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpsons.

What do you think of all these things?

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