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Mark Herras Webcam Scandal (Photos/Pictures), True or Photoshopped?


Kapuso star Mark Herras is in the middle of a showbiz scandal and controversy about a purported webcam issue with which he is implicated over some sensual and sensitive photos.

The story of Mark Herras webcam chat scandal first circulated over tabloids and online news gossip sites with which a couple of photos were produced and posted.

The first photo shows Mark Herras over a chatroom using Yahoo messenger.  The other photo though shows a guy over a chatroom showing his private part.

Now the question and discussion boils down as to whether the photos are all true and if it is indeed Mark Herras on the scandalous chatroom photos.

As to the veracity of the photos, some people had already tried to determine if the lewd photo was just manipulated and was just a product of photoshop.

Check the two webcam pictures posted by my online buddy PinoyAmbisyoso:



I would like to believe though that nothing is impossible with the power of photo manipulation by using photoshop and I would believe that this is the same technique used here.  The more important question though is, who made this photos and what exactly was the intention of the person who made this.

A showbiz program on QTV, Tweetbiz has given a short segment about it with Herras denying he was on the second photo, and Mark has already denied the he was the one on the photo today on Startalk.

Any thoughts about this scandal Mark Herras is involved with?  Do you think the photo was all true or just photoshopped?  What could be the intention of the one who made all this issue?

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  1. Hello po I am Vincent Christian Suhayon 22 years old from Davao City po…

  2. jsa says:

    Poor Mark – give the issue a rest. We see what we want to see; unfortunately Pinoys are so ‘lovin’ it’ when it comes to ruining someone else’s reputation. Wala bang magawa, at wala pang magawang matino! LOL

    I’ve heard things about guys in showbiz, but this may not yet be Mark’s smoking gun.


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