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Kris Aquino and her Kids Suffer from Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease


kris-joshua-babyjames-250x228The Queen of Talk and presidential sister Kris Aquino stated via Twitter that she and her sons Baby James and Josh have “food and mouth disease.” She said that it was Josh who got infected first and she and Baby James got it from him.

Here are Kris’s latest tweets:

“We r all sick. Josh caught foot and mouth disease. Nahawaan si Bimby & me. I don’t have the sores around the mouth or the rashes sa hands & feet but my fever went up to 40 last night. We r all taking Zoverax & Immunosin. Ang tibay nina Yaya A, Gerbel & Baby, ‘di sila nahawa. You know me, lapitin ako ng sakit.”

“Naka-isolate for at least one week. Bimby & I r in 1 room since we still both have fever-kuya’s in his room because he’s pagaling na. If we have contact with him baka mabinat siya. Last night grabe-they iced na my feet & head bec. Fever was 40. We’re not allowed to leave our condo ‘til next weekend.”

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  1. food and mouth dises ako says:

    bobo naman ang nag type nito….FOOD and mouth disease..


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