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Dolphy’s Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Awards on the 2010 MMFF Defended by a Juror


Dolphy won the Best Actor trophy for his movie “Father Jejemon” and Best Supporting Actor for the movie Rosario during the most recent 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Awards Night.

Father Jejemon

But the recognition to the King of Philippine Comedy did not pass by without criticisms whether Dolphy really deserves to get the awards for his performance.  Some people and online entertainment columnists raised the thought that the awards were some sort of giving respect to Dolphy who said that this year’s MMFF would be his last.

In a published interview of Yahoo Southeast Asia, Butch Francisco, a member of the Board of Jurors for the 2010 MMFF defended the decision of the body saying,

“Dolphy really deserved two awards. Even if he only had very, very few scenes with Rosario, such as the scene where he was talking to MVP (business tycoon Manny Pangilinan, grandson of the lead character in the film), that’s a winner in itself. (In that scene when) he was in the office of MVP, that was the best performance by Dolphy ever. I mean surpassing even practically “Ang Tatay kong Nanay,” which was his best.  “In ‘Father Jejemon,’ he was natural. He carried the movie. He was effective in every scene so it’s not because we think this is going to be his last. I wish he’d have some more, so if he gives a performance similar to this, again he’ll probably win again. Except for the communion scene that was my only quarrel in the film, they took it out. But it didn’t affect the movie, the acting.”

What do you think of the criticisms about Dolphy winning the two awards?

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