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Daniel Matsunaga Says Kissing Video Was a Gimik


Brazilian hunk Daniel Matsunaga revealed in a presscon that his video kissing a woman inside an elevator was fake. In other words, it was staged. It was intended to get the attention of the public.

“I apologize, if there are problems. Pero, this is, I hope, understand of everybody, that this is just endorsement for Veet. This is just a teaser. Everything was just fake, you know? There was no kissing scene. So in the end, it was just the purpose of letting everybody know about it,” the Brazilian-Japanese model-actor explained himself.

The video was made as a teaser for the endorsement’s upcoming promo. However, Matsunaga still extended his heartfelt apologies.

“That was not my purpose, of course, that was just the teaser of Veet. Part of the promo. And, well, it was just one-day shooting, really like simple, wala nang kissing scenes. And, well, just professional, just professional job.”

“So everybody knows already. Alam na lahat that this just a teaser, and I had no intention to hurt everybody,” he said.

He also shared that Heart Evangelista, his current girlfriend, knows about this and actually supported him.

“Actually before I had this, I asked for her permission, of course. And then she say, ‘No, it’s fine.’ She knew it, her parents knew it also. ‘Cause, you know, I want them to also confirm so it won’t be too much pressure on me. So everybody knew it already, and it was just a professional job, actually,” Matsunaga said.

Sure, it was a professional job. It was so effective that everybody thought Daniel was actually cheating on Heart.

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