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Nazril Irham Gets 3 ½ Years Jail Sentence for Video Scandals with Luna Maya and Cut Tari


One of Indonesia’s hottest pop stars was given a 3 ½ jail sentence after his homemade sex tapes found their way in the internet and mobile phones.

Nazril Irham and Luna Maya in Lux Ad

Nazril Irham, 29, however defended himself during trial saying that those sex tapes were his personal property and that they were just stolen from him.  He furthered that the tapes were posted online and shared on mobile phones without his knowledge.

The scandal videos stirred a great controversy in the Muslim-dominated country of Indonesia.  It has even paved way for debates regarding sex-education and calls for the liberalization of a hard-liner Muslim government.

Judge Singgih Budi Prakoso said that, Irham despite his knowledge of the existence of the tape and the controversy it stirred has not made any effort on preventing its wide distribution.  He was also seen unrepentant.  The judge furthered that, “as a public figure, the defendant should be aware that fans might imitate his behavior.”  Irham was also fined an amount of $25,000.

Involved in the sex scandal with Irham are his girlfriend Luna Maya and former girlfriend who is now married, Cut Tari; both of which are popular entertainment figures in Indonesia.

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