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Felipe Gozon: Willie Made it Sound GMA7 was Trying to Pirate Him


The President and CEO of GMA7 clarified the statement of Willing Willie host Willie Revillame insinuating that the Kapuso network was pirating him during the time when the host was facing problems with his former network.

Felipe Gozon said through Inquirer Entertainment that, “what Willie said made it sound like GMA 7 was trying to pirate him,” and that it was “not accurate.”  He said that during the time that Willie was on an indefinite leave from ABS-CBN, it was a business partner of Revillame who approached him of the possibility of a network transfer.  Gozon however said that there were no definite offers for Willie that time as he was facing legal issues with ABS-CBN.

Revillame made the statement during his 50th birthday celebration last week.  The television show host furthered that the program offered to him would be put in a prime time slot in GMA7.

“Mr. Gozon told me not to worry because, he said, You’re talking to the man.”

Willie Revillame has not yet issued a statement as regards the claims of Mr. Gozon.

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