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Iwa Moto and BF Mickey Ablan Cooling-off Because of Third Party


Sexy Pinay actress Iwa Moto was furious during her interview last Saturday on Startalk after she revealed that her relationship with boyfriend Mickey Ablan is on the rocks.

Iwa Moto teaching boyfriend a lesson.

The actress revealed on the interview that she and Mickey are now on a cooling-off stage.

It was reported that a good number of people noticed Iwa to be restless and out of focus during the most recent taping of the fantaserye Dwarfina.  People speculated that the sexy actress may be having problems with her boyfriend Mickey Ablan.

Iwa said,

“Sometimes hindi ako makausap sa set, and tulala ako, and madalas nakikita nila akong weird-weird.  Nag-cool off kami and then ngayon he is trying to win me back. Ngayon ano kami…hindi ko alam kung kami o ano.”

Iwa, upon prodding, revealed that the cause of the cool-off was a showbiz personality.  She also added that once their paths cross, she will have to really fight for her right on the relationship.

Right now, Iwa said that Mickey is trying to win her back and had already asked for her forgiveness.

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