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Lady Gaga: A Huge Madonna Fan


Lady Gaga‘s Egg entrance at Grammy’s was as epic as winning 3 Grammy awards that night.

She certainly is expressing herself.  But what did she have to say about the people comparing her latest single “Born This Way” to Madonna‘s “Express Yourself”?

“You know, there is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me. I am the hugest fan personally and professionally,” tha Gaga said when asked about ripping-off Madonna.

Gaga is a self-confessed Madonna fan, so she prolly had Madonna as a great influence in her, thus resulting to the similarities of the songs.

You’re prolly thinking about Gaga‘s unique insane schemes and there’s no way this three-time Grammy winner would rip. Check out Gaga‘s “Born This Way” and see for yourself.

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