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Tomas of “Comedy Bar” Passed Away


I was still laughing over his acts last Saturday night on Comedy Bar, and Allan K. even at one point jokingly said that he is going to replace Tomas for being so ugly.

Next Saturday, Tomas, the big-mouthed and long-haired comedian will indeed already be replaced; not for being so ugly as what Allan K. would usually describe him, but because the comedian who has been given the opportunity to have a regular television appearance, had already passed away.

I thought it was just a joke.  But a news program of GMA7 reported last night that Tomas Gonzales II or simply called “Tomas” had already passed away on Monday night.  The cause of his death was heart attack.

His regular show at “The Library Bar” in Malate on Tuesday was made as a benefit show for the family he left.


Photo credit: thelibrary.com


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  1. mek says:

    rip tomas,he was a great stand up comedian.

  2. fan of tomas says:



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