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John Hall, still not ready to be friends with Michelle Madrigal after break-up


They say break-up is the most normal thing in the world, there’s no lying, there’s no cheating, there’s no nothing. Well, that applies to John Hall‘s case too.

Model-actor John Hall admitted it is still not the right time for him to be friends with his ex-girlfriend Michelle Madrigal. They’ve been together for two years and both joined GMA’s Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition.

Both said that they fought a lot over petty, little things which lead to their recent break-up. According to John, it would be awkward if they force themselves to be friends again after what happened between them.

Though they decided to part ways, it was said that both still have feelings for each other.

John and Michelle would be seen on GMA’s newest fantaserye Captain Barbel.

Don’t you think it’s awkward for them to work together?


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