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Miguel Villafuerte, Only Using Sarah Geronimo for Politics?


The hottest item on entertainment sites today is the new suitor of pop princess Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah came from a break-up with Rayver Cruz and the separation was then followed with controversy as the “Catch Me I’m In Love” star got into a highly-publicized misunderstanding with Rayver’s current girlfriend Christine Reyes.

But Sarah since then has moved on with her life, especially now, enjoying the great success of her first movie with Gerald Anderson.

To complete the picture of success for Sarah is Miguel Villafuerte who has been described as her “new and persistent suitor.”

Miguel Villafuerte is the 22-year old son of Governor LRay Villafuerte of Camarines Sur.  He hails from the Villafuerte political clan in Bicol.  He is also presently taking up political science in a university in New York City.  (Miguel Villafuerte photos here)

But with all the news and intrigues that surround this budding love story, there are those who are not too excited with all the buzz.  A commenter on my blog post said about the Miguel and Sarah story,

Alab ng puso said,

“sus me! this is the villafuerte style! ginagamit si sarah…for how much? miguel is running for office and he needs sarah for people to have something to talk about him!

Si Sarah,,,bebe ng tatay ni Miguel, ngayon,,,bebe naman ni miguel! ano ba???”

On the other hand, Roan Sanchez said,

“Hhhmm..a fortune teller just told her sayings for Sarah G.’s 2011 forthcoming — she will be courted by a Politician. Maybe here it is ! Exciting!! I don’t wanna comment with the “gamitan” thing. I don’t think everytime that Sarah’s been courted by whoever..it already implies that she’s being used or whatever. Absolutely, it’s not impossible for this star to be courted by any cute guy in this world. :’)”

Is Sarah just being used in this whole love story?

Well, that issue is quite baseless and unfair not only for Miguel Villafuerte but also for Sarah who has been used by people on many instances to be depicted as always the victim and helpless lad when entangled with controversy.  Issues like these are quite premature and obviously immature.

But I think comments like these that Sarah is just being used by Miguel come from the fact the latter is a total showbiz outsider and is a son of a rising politician.  There seems to be a sense of skepticism towards this budding love story.

I am no Sarah Geronimo fan, but just like any other ordinary person, she also deserves to be loved by a sincere guy; and only Sarah could tell if Miguel is sincere with his intentions on her.

What do you think?




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  1. batman says:

    ..it’s funny how a simple gesture of sending flowers to Sarah ended up in a courtship story..this whole thing is a total exaggeration on part of the press..nanliligaw? e hindi nga ata sila nagkikita..for all we know they might not even have any communication at all..while miguel might have been invited to attend the premiere night but the could have been initiated by viva..it’s not surprising to hear/read stories like this..ganyan naman sa showbiz..makita mo lang magkasama si boy and girl ichi-chika na sila na.or nag de-date..nag palada lang ng flowers kay sarah nanliligaw na?..tsk..tsk..it’s the press who is actually using Sarah..and not miguel..any story about Sarah kasi people always gets interested no matter how baseless the story is..hay naku kung ako si Sarah magbabasyon muna ako ng matagal..para makiwas muna sa mga ganito..after all bugbug na siya sa trabaho start of the year pa lang..WLI concert nila ni Martin and then yung movie..yung upcoming album nga niya matapos tapos eh..tapos kaliwat kanan pang issues..na kung tutuusin wala naman..mga press lang lang naman makukulit..

    • janah says:

      tama!!sana lang hndi nila pangunahan si miggy..kasi nawawala yung sincerity ng isang tao pag pinapangunahan ng iba..prang pilit na lng dahil sa panunukso..basta ko wish q lng maging happy si sarah at mamahalin ng tapat ng kung sino man manliligaw sa kanya because she deserve it..happy..love..yehey!!

  2. acel says:

    SARAH GERONIMO deserves a true and sincere honest guy who will respect and love her more kasi iba siya sa mga artista yung tradition ng dalagang pilipina nasa kanya na dapat hindi mawala sa atin kahit sikat yung pagka dalagang pilipina niya andun pa rin bakit siya lolokohin ng lalake di niya deserve yun kahit ako kung anak ko man siya tlga maging strict ako kahit sinong magulang dahil gusto naman natin na yung dignidada bilang babae andun kasi yun lang maiaalay natin sa asawa natin respeto lang po sana at matakot tayo sa DIYOS. SARAH di kami mapapagod na suportahan at ipagdasal we want the best guy for you

  3. ladyme says:

    hayyy… confirmed!! may gf tlga si miguel.. hindi siya nanliligaw.. may totoong fb account si miguel ang pangalan is “pilar fo’real”. un din ang name ng account ng gf nya. and na-accidente kong nahanap un fb account ng gf nya. and i saw their SWEET pictures! after a while naging private na kaagad un photos.. so guys wag tyong maniniwala sa gesture na un, it’s a fake and “miguel luis villafuerte” fb account is a FAKE!!! sinasabi nya dun na wla siyang gf but in reality meron siya.. he is TWO-FACED!.. he just used sarah for whatever reason..

  4. ladyme says:

    i just want everybody to know that their family just used sarah for publicity. dahil kung hindi naman tlga nanliligaw, panay pa-interview nung tatay di naman nagdeny khit alam nyang may gf na tlga.. hayyy nakakainis!!

  5. addictnalurker says:

    @ladymae hindi naka private ang fb account nila kasi nakita ko rin ang pic. ang totoo may na e save ako na mga pic sa computer.

    • ladyme says:

      the last i checked nka-private na… it’s sad lang na how his father ,through his interviews, insinuate na may posibleng ligawan na nangyayari, or to the effect na may gusto si miguel kay sarah..eh wala naman tlga.. grrr… kawawa naman si sarah nagamit na nman sa publicity nila..


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