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Willing Willie Scandal: Willie Revillame Hit for Humiliating a 6-year old Boy named Jan-Jan (VIDEO)


He is on a new station but controversy seems not to be leaving him.

Willie Revillame, host of hit television game and entertainment show “Willing Willie” on TV5 is being assailed online by those who had watched a video of how he allegedly mistreated a young boy on his show.

The video that had been shared online and elicited discussions and comments from those who viewed it was dated March 12.  It shows Willie Revillame with a 6-year old boy who joined his game show.  The boy was identified as “Jan-Jan.”

On the video, “Jan-Jan” was seen crying while at the same time dancing like a macho dancer.  To this, Willie commented,

“Umiiyak pa yan…Ngayon pa sa hirap ng buhay ng tao…si Jan Jan siyempre sasayaw bilang macho dancer sa edad na yan para sa kanyang mahal na pamilya…pinahanga mo ako Jan Jan.”

“Lumuluha yan…parang sa pelikulang ‘Burlesk Queen’…umiiyak na ganoon…ginagawa para sa pamilya. Masama ang loob pero kailangan kong gawin para sa mahal sa buhay.”

Willie’s comments were not welcomed by those who had watched the video.  Even showbiz personalities had something to say – criticizing the hosts.

Bianca Gonzales, who is very active only said:

“sad to hear about this youtube clip circulating. this bullying has gone too far.”

Jim Paredes:

“i was disgusted by it. It is child abuse and degrading.”

Kat De Castro, daughter of Noli De Castro:

“Basta all I can is: kids/minors should never be humiliated on TV. There should be a law on this. Protect the rights of the child.”

But in a report by “Paparazzi”, “Jan-Jan’s” family said that they are not filing any complaint against Willie Revillame.  Instead, they said that they are very happy that they made it to the show.


What do you think of how Willie Revillame treated the 6-year old boy on his game show?

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