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Analisa Hegyesi (Photo): Ferdinand Marcos’ Australian Daughter Axed from Aussie Show Due to her Father’s Identity


The Australian daughter of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos is raising a howl to the producers of an Australian show after she was allegedly dropped due to her father’s identity.

Analisa Hegyesi, 40, said that she was dropped by the producers of the makeover reality show “The Renovators” after she told them of her father’s identity.  She added that she had already made it to the final cut after a very long audition process.

Analisa said in an online interview,

“The thing is that I’ve had to juggle my business and clients to make time for the show after I was asked to audition and then chosen from hundreds of people around Australia.”

Speculations are ripe as to the real reason of the show dropping Analisa.  But the 40-year old interior designer believes that the producers got too personal with her.

“I was chosen on my own merits but then I was dropped due to aspects of my private life which I will not discuss… I was told there was a fear, too, attention would be paid to me and not the show and other contestants.”

An article by The Telegraph said that the staff of an Australian production company believes that it was unfair to axe Analisa Hegyesi from the show, and has to pay for “the sins of her father.”

However, a spokesperson of the television channel that will air the reality show said that axing Analisa from the show is just a normal process.

“Casting has not been finalised and we are still speaking to a number of different people,” the spokesperson also added.

Who is Analisa Hegyesi?

Analisa Hegyesi is the daughter of Evelin Hegyesi, a former Playboy model.  She was reportedly romantically involved with ex-President Ferdinand Marcos during the 1970s.  Analisa and her mother Evelin were also accused of being dummies for the ill-gotten wealth of the late strongman deposited on Swiss banks.

Filming of “The Renovators” will start next week.



Photo credit: news.com.au

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