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Jim Carey Twits Mohawk Haircut (Photo); Says Ewan McGregor is a Great Kisser


No doubt that he is a real funny guy, but anyone who has seen Jim Carey sporting a rock star haircut?

Well, Jim Carey posted a photo on his Twitter account his Mohawk hair cut. Aside from having a new hair style, he also showed his arms with paint. Jim said on Twitter,

“I am a paintbrush.”

Jim, 49, is starring with Ewan McGregor in the R-rated comedy drama movie “I Love You, Phillip Morris.” In an interview with Parade Magazine, Jim said that Ewan McGregor is “a great kisser.”

Jim Carey explained,

“When you’re kissing another guy it can get a little prickly.’ Actually, you had to put out of your mind your own sexual preference and just try to understand that you were loving another person who just happens to be a guy. It wasn’t about male or female, love is love.”


What do you think of Jim Carey sporting a Mohawk haircut? Like it?

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