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Willie Revillame Gets the Support of Co-Host Shalani Soledad Amidst the Controversy


When it seems that the whole world is already against controversial TV host Willie Revillame, he finds a supporter in the person of his co-host and ex-girlfriend of President Aquino, Shalani Soledad.

The City Councilor of Valenzuela expressed her support for the embattled host in an interview on Monday. She said that she supports Willie all the way and is still very optimistic that the host will return to “Willing Willie” in order to help more Filipinos.

Willie Revillame is the center of an alleged “child abuse” incident that had happened on his game show on TV5, “Willing Willie”. At the center of the incident is a 6-year-old boy named “Jan-Jan”. The boy during an episode was seen dancing an erotic dance move while crying – doing all these allegedly in exchange of “10,000.

Different sectors, celebrities, politicians and government sectors decried what they allegedly called a “humiliating” experience for the child.

Advertisers also pulled out their ads from the show.

“Willing Willie” is suspended until Holy Week. The issue is also presently being discussed by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board and is up for resolution and decision in the coming days.

For his part, Revillame denied all the things accused of him. He also threatened of suing all those celebrities whom he said maligned him on Twitter.

Some sectors are also now demanding of reviewing all existing policies if there are, of children joining television shows, game shows, reality shows, across all networks and not just with “Willing Willie.” This, also to avoid being selective and to really create real reforms on television that will protect the rights of children.

Shalani Soleded for her part also appealed to the MTRCB to fully investigate the issue and give due process to all those involved before issuing any sanctions.

Photo credit: pep.com.ph

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