Solenn Heussaff Furious; Belies Report of Getting Dead Drunk in Boracay During the Holy Week


A goddess getting furious.

Yes, that is how we could describe Solenn Heussaff’s reaction to the article written by Gorgy Rula about the hot celebrity getting dead drunk in Boracay last Holy Week.

The specific part of the article of Rula that described the incident involving Solenn says,

“Mukhang in-enjoy nang husto ni Solenn ang kanyang bakasyon sa Boracay. Unang gabi pa lang niya ay nagpakalasing na ito nang husto kasama ang mga kaibigan. Namataan siya kinabukasan ng alas singko ng umaga na nakabalik sa hotel na binibitbit na lang dahil sa sobrang kalasingan.”

With the article reaching Solenn’s attention, the Kapuso star slammed it by sending messages via Scoopbox saying,

“I didn’t go to boracay to get drunk, I went to relax and have fun with my friends.”

She added,

“Obviously easter in boracay is known for the parties, I’m not going to deny that I didn’t go out and have a few drinks. why go to boracay holy week if your planning to knit a sweater.

I never got hom[e] drunk like he stated or carried by men… I’m sure its happened to people and I’m not saying it has never happened to me in the past, no ones perfect and crazy things happen in life, but its WRONG when its made up.”

I am well aware I’m in the public eye now and I would NEVER put my self in sucy [such] a state. Did go home at late hours in bora with my friends and would always swim before heading to the hotel with my girl friends. I don’t know what he’s talking about, all I know is that maybe he was on something he shouldn’t be taking.

I was on vacation having fun with friends and not doing anything wrong, so I’d like for reporters to not write bull shit and make up stories that aren’t true,” Heussaff explained at length.

Solenn described the story as pure hallucination.  She also added that it was all “BS and making up stories just to seem interesting.”

However, Gorgy Rula stood his ground saying that everything he wrote came from his reliable source.

To this, Solenn challenged the entertainment writer,

“He won’t stop.haha reliable source? Show the pics and videos to my lawyer.let’s see how reliable ur source is.”

Let us see where this war will bring us.

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