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Harry Potter Goblin Exposes Himself


An actor who played a goblin in the Harry Potter franchise is now facing a jail sentence after reportedly exposing himself indecently to a schoolgirl on board a train.

Nicholas Read, 40, who stands only 4 feet and 5 inches, was said to have performed the indecent act to the 17-year-old girl he sat next to on a train from London.  According to reports, the incident happened after Read drunk half a bottle of gin which caused him to feel “merry”.

The teenager told the court from behind a screen that she was too scared to say or do anything because she feared he could assault her. She recounted that Read covered his lap with a bowler hat that he had been wearing and fondled himself.

She said, “I looked in the reflection of the window and saw his hand moving under the hat. He tried to catch my attention, tilting his hat up, looking at his crotch area and then looking at me a few times.”

The actor, who also played an Ewok in the Star Wars movies, denied the claims and said that his hat was not on the overhead racks because he could not reach them.

Read stressed that nothing untoward took place, but he was convicted just the same and will be sentenced next month.

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