Actor-Director Ricky Rivero Sustains Multiple Stab Wounds


Actor-director Ricky Rivero was all over the news today. Reports say he was a victim of near-fatal, multiple stab wounds (16 or 17 if I remember right) inflicted by somebody he met two months ago via the social networking site, Facebook.

According to reports, the suspect slept at Rivero’s apartment every now and then in the course of their two-month friendship. What triggered the stabbing was Rivero’s alleged refusal to lend the suspect the money he needed for his hospitalized father.

Authorities already have the suspect in custody and was presented to Rivero, who is now in stable condition, at the hospital for positive identification.

Back in the 1990s, Ricky Rivero was a member of the teeny-bopper German Moreno show, “That’s Entertainment”, with the likes of Lea Salonga, Jon-jon Hernandez, Shirley Fuentes, Rita Avila and now Manila Vice Mayor, Isko Moreno.

Fast forward a couple of years, Ricky Rivero has shed a lot of unwanted pounds (which proved useful in That’s Entertainment’s trademark dance number “liftings”), revived his acting career and even ventured into directing.

Rivero was doing quite well, appearing in TV soap operas every now and then, but was probably doing even better behind the camera as a director.

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