Gretchen Barretto Felt Insulted, But Insists She Didn’t Walk Out


Actress and socialite Gretchen Barretto is back in the news after walking out on media people covering her photo shoot for her latest product endorsement.

In fairness to Barretto, she cordially met the media on the set of her photo shoot and gamely answered all questions thrown at her about her family, career, and even her recent trampoline accident.

Things started to turn ugly after the actress said she dreams of studying again, as this made a reporter (said to be from the print media) to point out that while her daughter Dominique is already in college, she just finished 3rd year high school.

Naturally, Barretto felt offended and shot back, “That’s very intrusive. Why emphasize that? … Kakulangan ko ba ‘yon bilang tao (Does that make me a lesser person)? Humaharap naman ako ng maayos sa inyo (I’m here in front of you as a decent person) so why grill me on that? I think we should stop this interview. Nakakapikon na (This is upsetting)!,”

Then turned her back on reporters.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News later on, Barretto explained she did not walk out during the interview.

She said, “I did not (walk out). I just chose to stay away from a situation which is against my sensibility and dignity. You just can’t stand by and accept all questions thrown by media against you and be kawawa (pitiful). That was my choice,” Barretto said.

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