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Eva Mendes: I Thank My Dad for my Hair


This one is original… calling your father a hairy beast and then thanking him at the same time for giving you the beautiful crown of hair on your head.

But, that is what Eva Mendes lovingly did, maybe as a post-Father’s Day tribute to her old man. Better late than never, like they always say. Anyway, on with the article…

Hollywood actress, Eva Mended is undoubtedly a winner in the genetics lottery for good hair and she says she owes it to her dad.

The 37-year old Mendes, who is a natural brunette, was quoted as saying, “I have good hair. My dad’s a hairy beast and I have to thank him for that.”

Mendes added, “I have to thank him because I don’t need extensions and stuff.”

She also revealed that growing up she never liked most of her features, she never had any complaints against her long and thick brunette hair.

“I used to hate my mouth. My teeth were just big and my mouth was big. But about 15 years ago, I really started accepting all the things about myself that I didn’t like growing up,” Mendes added.

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