Heidi Klum Never Shy to Take Clothes Off


Heidi Klum had nothing but a pink silk tie and a naughty-pretending-to-be-innocent smile for the newest ad for the ‘Project Runway’ season 9, set to air on July 28 on Lifetime.

Although Heidi admitted that she was caught by surprise by the network’s request for an almost all-nude ad, she had no qualms doing it.

The German bombshell revealed, “I never get too shy to take my clothes off, but I was a bit surprised that Lifetime wanted me to do that…As long as everything is not out and about…I’ve never done complete nude, where you kind of see everything. It’s always good to leave a little bit to the imagination.”

Fellow judge Michael Kors had this to say about the whole thing, “I think it’s fantastic… Heidi proves that there is hope for all women that are moms. She looks amazing, sexy with a sense of humor, which is very Heidi.”

Nina Garcia could not agree more with Kors, saying, “How phenomenal is Ms. Klum after four kids!?” she said. “She’s amazing. I love it. Her hair, her skin, her body, she’s beautiful and nice.”

Yeah, if I had a body like hers, even with four kids, I would proudly walk around completely naked, even.

Unfortunately, just like Audrina Patridge’s statement that everyone can look good in a bikini, Heidi’s declaration will probably never apply to me. Aside from Heidi’s body I would love to have her looks, hair, skin and all… well, maybe not all, all. Instead of Seal I’m getting Eric Bana or Hugh Jackmann to father my four kids. Woot! Dream on!

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