Priscilla Meirelles “Kidnaps” John Estrada on Father’s Day


Father’s day is supposed to be a day of celebration for fathers and their kids.

And, as other fathers did just that last June 19, former Miss Earth Priscilla Meirelles had a well-thought out plan to “kidnap and hostage” her now husband, John Estrada – and keep him away from his kids on Father’s day, no less.

While hopeless romantics would find Priscilla’s Father’s day surprise trip to Cebu gift for John a very sweet and thoughtful gesture, I see it as nothing but a perfectly orchestrated scheme to keep John all to herself and away from his kids all weekend.

Come on Priscilla, you could have chosen any other weekend for your trip, why Father’s day when you know very well he has what six kids that he should have been spending the day with?

As Priscilla herself said, “[So there,] I kidnapped him. I dragged him to Cebu and brought him to this very nice place, a very private resort called Abaca. It’s like a honeymooners’ place.

She even said that on Father’s Day itself, she had their room filled with balloons and had rose petals scattered on the floor to surprise John.

Wouldn’t John’s Father’s day been more meaningful if Priscilla filled their room with his kids (with ex wife Janice de Belen), than balloons and rose petals?

You know Priscilla, I used to like you. I watched your wedding in awe and in tears. But now, I’m seeing you for who really are – a devious, wicked stepmother who wants to keep John to herself (as if he is such a keeper, but that is not the issue here).

Let me guess, including John’s kids in your wedding entourage was not even your idea. Hmmm, I don’t find it surprising now.

By the way, I’m not even a fan of Janice de Belen nor of John Estrada. I just write about these things the way I see them.

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