Heidi Klum Reveals Her Bikini-body Secret


Any woman with even just one kid would die (or kill) to get a body like Heidi Klum – and she has four kids!

So what us the supermodel-mom’s secret to getting bikini ready this summer? Running.

Heidi was quoted as saying, “Lately, I’ve just been running…I run four miles a day. Last year, I did 120 miles in seven weeks.”

And, the good news is you, or anyone for that matter, can join her in her fitness routine via her AOL site, if you want a body just like hers.

As Heidi herself explained, “You can start running with me and you can log your miles to keep track of what they’re running and how many I’m running. So they can see that I really do it every day. I have this little FitBit I attach to my clothes that counts all the calories and steps I do.”

But, there is no need to fret. Just like Heidi, you will have days off too.
Do you want to know another one of Heidi’s secrets? This time it is about how she and husband Seal keep the love alive.

According to Heidi, “I think the secret is just to be in love. If you find the right person, there’s not much to it.”

Like running four miles a day, finding the right person is easier said
than done.

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